Hello and welcome ūü§ć
My name is Ursula Maria Bell and I am inviting you on a journey that I have created during many years of working with constellations and that I call GENOCONSTELLATIONS.
A Genoconstellation  is a deep healing journey of reconciliation.
Reconciliation with what has been, with what is and ultimately with ourselves.
Bert Hellinger said:
“Whatever is reconciled in my heart can be reconciled in the heart of the client‚ÄĚ
This has become my deepest belief in my personal and professional life. I can see it happen everywhere.
With genoconstellations you open up to a deep process of gentle transformation and you are an active part of it.
You can choose to work with me going on your personal journey of reconciliation. 
Or you can deepen your work as a constellation facilitator or therapist from different approaches.
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